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A few things I care about

I believe in Causes. Giving something back is a minimum requirement for Hapiness


I give some of my time to the Virtual Educa Foundation, in Washington D.C.

Virtual Educa is an organization dedicated to promote innovation in education for social transformation and sustainable development, enhancing public-private partnerships. Virtual Educa operates through an alliance of multilateral organizations, cooperation agencies and public / private institutions, gathering the governmental, corporate, academic and civil society sectors and operating in the different geographic areas through a network of foundations



I founded BExponencial.

It is an Online Entrepreneurship School for Young People and for Adults. 

Covering the two segments, BExponencial aims to deliver an actionable way of starting businesses up without fear and without the lack of knowledge.

We have partnered with some of the most successful entrepreneurship ecosystems in Latin America and Spain in order to bring easy-going feasibility for both young and adult entrepreneurs



Innovation is a way of life. Without Innovation, every human being dies with fears or lies. 

I try to deliver the Innovation Mindset  Tools; speaking at some of the most impactful conferences around Latin America.

I also help NGOs and Non-Profit Organizations to innovate and change fast before they have to.


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